Very Productive Weekend

I can't believe how long it's been since I have updated my blog!

A very monumental event occured at our house this weekend. See this beautiful TV stand? We've had it for at least 20 years. It's one of those things we said when we bought it, "some day we'll be able to buy something nicer." Well, that never happened. There was always something else that we needed, and we just made do. Since we bought a new TV a few weeks ago, we had to get something different. I wanted to just throw this in the trash, but Ed convinced me to list it for free on craig's list, and sure enough someone wanted it. I was so happy to help them load it into their truck. While on craig's list, I decided to look at what was for sale. We found a TV stand listed, went to look at it and brought it home that night. Now there are a lot of things that aren't so fun about an empty nest, but one that became very apparent to us this weekend was the fact that we don't have the brute strength around here that we once had. Ed had to go ask a neighbor to help unload the stand. I'm way too weak!! We spent several hours Friday night trying to reconnect the VCR/DVD/Surround Sound etc. to the TV.

And since Matt has been wondering what the new TV looks like, here it is, new stand and all. We are glad to have it all set up. It's a relaxing way to spend our Sunday evening. watching a movie in front of the fire.
Ed also started working in our laundry room on Friday. We had some termite damage around the back door. The rest of the house is a disaster since all the stuff from the laundry is covering the tables, couch and floor. Oh well, it will look so nice when it is repaired and the room is repainted.

We went to Cincinnati yesterday to shop at Ikea. They have a shelf I have been wanting for awhile, so we decided to go get it. It was a day that we had planned, but God had something so much better in store for us. I had Ed drop me off at Ikea so I could wander around for awhile. I knew he wouldn't enjoy that. So, while I was wondering around the store, my pastor's wife from 28+ years ago walked right in front of my cart. I knew she lived in Cincinnati, but who would think I'd spot her in a very crowded store. We visited for a few minutes, then her daughter, daughter in law, grandchildren, sister in law (who happened to be my youth minister's wife and they were just visiting for the weekend) and nephew came up. People from my growing up years that were very influencial in my life. They invited us over for dinner. We had such a great time catching up on our lives and playing a new game!! The evening worked out so perfectly. We actually had to wait until Ikea closed for them to get our bookshelf down for us and we were able to fill up that time in such an enjoyable way. Ed also demonstrated just how much he loved me by being so patient in waiting for the bookshelf! A very special Valentine's gift to me.
This is an old house we drove past on the way to Ikea. Beautiful place and it's for sale! It would be an incredible Bed & Breakfast, but it's located right in the middle of an industrial area.
One last picture to share with you - a touch of sunshine in the middle of winter!
Have a great new week.


Matt and Sonya February 15, 2009 at 9:53:00 PM EST  

Woo-hoo! Matt and I were happy to see the long-awaited blog post!:) We LOVE the TV and the stand. It looks great! We wish we were there to watch basketball games and movies on the weekend with you.

Sounds like you had a great Valentine's Day that God orchestrated so perfectly. What a gift! I also wish we could visit Ikea together...but we are looking forward to your visit in just a few weeks. We are getting excited! Love you!

Nicole February 15, 2009 at 10:56:00 PM EST  

I like that TV stand, it is definitely an improvement from our previous contraption. Where is your new book shelf?

RosebudWitt February 16, 2009 at 7:55:00 AM EST  

How awesome is that to get re-aquainted with all those people from your childhood! That is awesome! I love it when things like that happen. How fun :) And your new stand and TV look great too. Love you.

marcuswitt February 20, 2009 at 8:28:00 AM EST  

Dad, I can't believe you got a new TV! You had mentioned it to me a few weeks back, but I thought it was all talk until Nicole told me you got a new one. Anyway, Josh and I now double as part of the geek squad from Best Buy, and are pros at mounting flat screens on the wall. If you ever decide you want me to come destroy your wall behind the TV, give me a call.

mmncgrand February 25, 2009 at 9:16:00 AM EST  

I thought I had commented on this blog too. I don't know what I do wrong. I love the new look in your family room with the walkway behind the couch. It makes it look cozier. It looks like a new couch too with the cover on it. Very nice!! That shelf is awesome. Whoops! Not suppose to use that word except for God.

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