Sick Computer and a Sick Mom

My computer is sick, infected, and my supposed protection does not seem to be working. I can't get to download what I need to clean it up, and I have been trying to back up the computer alllllll day!! It is running so slow. Can you tell I am frustrated? I have a bunch of pictures on my camera to get downloaded and add to the blog, but that's not going to happen today. (Ed is parked at the other computer doing taxes and FAFSA)

In other news, my mom is in the hospital. Thankfully she was moved out of Neuro ICU today to a regular room. She fell and hit her head yesterday, so has some bleeding on her brain. Thankfully she has been stable and is on the mend. I can 't believe how many people have been praying for her and I am soooo thankful for you! Also the great family members that live close to her that have been taking my place in visiting and sitting with her. You all are great and I am so blessed to have you in my life!! Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to heal. Hopefully she'll be able to go home tomorrow.

Ed and I are heading to the north side to meet Courtney for dinner.


Nicole February 9, 2009 at 10:11:00 AM EST  

I hope your computer gets its rear in gear! It was a scare to hear about Grandma's accident but is great to know that she is surrounded by such wonderful family members and is in the hands of our God. I am so glad she is doing better and back at home.

mmncgrand February 9, 2009 at 2:41:00 PM EST  

Thanks to all of you that have been praying. I am home and on the mend. Love to you all, Mary

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