Clean Organized Family Room

I have spent the last two days going through boxes, cleaning and organizing the family room. I really should have taken before pictures, but I would have been way too embarrassed to show them to you. On with the after pictures.

We used to have all our games in the closet/pantry in our laundry room. That wasn't practical since we usually play games in the family room or dining room. With the purchase of our new shelf, I had some extra room on the books shelves to move the games to. I found some brown leather boxes at Hobby Lobby on clearance that all the small games are stored in.

We have way too much furniture in this room so it can be difficult to arrange. I moved the couches around a little just for the fun of it.
The new shelf we got at IKEA last Saturday. I'm not sure this is how it will stay, but it works for now. I have a lot of pictures to go through and get organized. They are all on the shelf now, so easy to access and work on a little at a time if I want to. I love having this shelf! I'm so glad we stayed late to get it.

Looking back on the other side of the family room and the little desk nook.

The plan is to eventually repaint the room - after the laundry room is done. I'm thinking of painting the fireplace brick a lighter color also. I'm planning on a brown/blue/orange theme. I've been looking around for fabric or curtains that I like, then I'll pick out the wall colors. There's nothing I can do about the ugly green carpet for now. I just pretend it's not there!

My scrap area is a little messy still, so I need to get that picked up and the room will be all done.


RosebudWitt February 20, 2009 at 8:42:00 AM EST  

Momma Witt!! I am so impressed by your organization. The room looks great! And seeing those photo albums on the shelf makes me want to bust them out and look at them right now. Like I always do everytime I am at your house. I never get sick of looking through them. But, we are planning a trip home in the fall, so maybe I'll get to indulge myself then. Love you.

Anonymous February 20, 2009 at 10:04:00 AM EST  

Wow Mom, the room looks great! It's really turning into quite the ideal designing room.

mmncgrand February 20, 2009 at 10:59:00 AM EST  

WOW!! It looks so inviting. I want to come right now and see it all. Went to Dr. yesterday and everything is A-OK. Again thanks for all your prayers and concern.
Love, Mom

Remember when you are ready to paint, Linda and I want to help.

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