80% Off!!

Courtney had to head back to college today, so I took her out for lunch to the Cheesecake Factory. We had a nice lunch and I sent her off to school with a slice of cheesecake to enjoy later. Hope it was good Courtney.

I decided to run into Hobby Lobby to check out their remaining Christmas decor. They had a lot of items still left (I may have to take Ed back later to look at some Christmas trees) but the thing that caught my eye was the candles. I got 15 candles and 8 votive packs. I think I have plenty of candles now to keep my mantle stocked for awhile. I couldn't resist this cute little snowman. He matches my kitchen perfectly.

The green curly ribbon bows were also considered Christmas and included in the sale - everything was 80% off!


RosebudWitt January 5, 2009 at 8:04:00 PM EST  

Wow! 80% off is very impressive! At that price even I would have enjoyed shopping there! Actually, we do need to buy more x-mas stuff for the house to Mark's liking, but I just can't bring myself to hit the stores. Maybe next time you come down here we can shop together...then it would be more of a social event, and I would be much more excited about it. I like the candles by the way. Love you.

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