This is Mark, one of my sons. A son I am very proud of! Mark works in the financial industry. He has worked hard over the last few years studying for a series of tests that are crucial in his advancement within the company. He has done very well on these tests and is preparing to take another one on Monday. If you believe in the power of prayer as I do, would you keep him in your prayers this weekend as he studies for this test and especially on Monday morning as he takes the test? He is a little stressed right now, but also remembers when taking prior tests the peace that he had going into the test knowing that others were praying for him. God is interested in the little details of our lives.

And the story behind these less than stellar photographs - We were enjoying a day at my cousins house. After a game of football outside, we all came inside to warm up and eat supper. Mark didn't want to get mud all over, so wore the only clean shoes he had. We enjoyed harassing him about his very fashionable outfit. Mark is also using his skills as a videographer to record his wife Rosie and her sister Beth teaching some uncoordinated people how to dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe. We really enjoy watching the videos and the slide shows that Mark puts together. It's fun to relive those moments over again.

So all this long post to say that I love you Mark. I'm very proud of how hard you are working towards your goals and how you are using the talents that God has given you!


marcuswitt December 8, 2008 at 1:38:00 PM EST  

Hey Mom, Thank you so much for the kind words. I didn't see this post until today at work. I was actually cramming over the weekend for the test. Had to earn my care package of hot cocoa, lol. In any case, I really appreciate it! It means a lot to me that you would say all those things about me. Love you!

RosebudWitt December 8, 2008 at 5:38:00 PM EST  

I know, Mark! Isn't she great? (not that you didn't already know that) :) You sure got lucky having her as your mother!

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