Not much exciting going on around here today. The clouds are rolling in and it's getting a little grey outside, so I thought I'd get a picture of the tree we planted last year before the predicted rain strips it of it's leaves. I think it has filled out nicely and I'm liking the color it adds to our yard. We have had to cut down so many trees in the last year, so we're very happy this one is doing so well.

I have been continuing to purge around here. Seems as if the attic and every room in the house has so much extra "stuff." I have a bunch of boxes ready to donate to Wheeler Mission and a bunch of boxes that have been sorted through and organized ready to go back up into the attic. My living room is the holding room, so quite a disaster zone at this point in time. Our bedroom, on the other hand, is clean! I don't think we have been without a box of some kind sitting in our bedroom since we moved in over nine years ago. I am happy to say that for today there is NO BOX on our bedroom floor!

On a post-election note, we are sad. We had hoped and prayed for a different outcome in the presidential race. We are concerned about the changes that could be coming to our country, but we will continue to pray for our leaders. We are greatly encouraged by the stand many states took for traditional marriage during this election.

Ed thinks we need to get back into the habit of exercising on a regular basis - starting tonight! I have reluctantly agreed. I always feel good afterwards, just drag my feet going. We both felt better and slept better when we frequented the YMCA. Guess it's time to get back at it.

Off to sort through some more papers.


mmncgrand November 7, 2008 at 11:38:00 AM EST  

Wow, I am impressed. I'll bet you are so happy to have your bedroom in order. I know how the clutter was getting to you. You have been a busy lady. Your tree is so pretty. It sure has grown nice in just a year. Love you, Mom

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