Still alive and kicking!

I'm not sure how much "kicking" we could do at this point though - Ed and I are a little tired and sore tonight! The three of us worked on the rocks along the front of the house yesterday. We took the rocks out that were there so we could put the black underlayment down to prevent weeds.

Courtney was at work today, so Ed and I finished the job. Once we finally got all the rocks cleaned out, we put the black underlayment down and put the rocks back in place. Ed picked up more rocks yesterday to fill in some empty spots, so we had to empty those out of the van also. Doesn't it look nice now?! It still needs more landscaping done, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. We did the same thing in the back of the house too. One more outside project completed. I don't want to even think about all the rest of the things that need to done!

And for a few catch up pictures from the rest of the week.

I was in the purging mood this week, so went through a bunch of magazines, tore out what I wanted to keep and took the rest to recycling. It cleared off a lot of space on my shelf above my scrapbooking desk.

Ed brought home some sweet corn that one of his co-workers gave him. It's the first we've had here this summer and I think the season is just about over. I read somewhere that there is a piece of silk for every kernel of corn. No wonder it's such a mess when you husk the corn.

Matt and Sonya stayed over night with us Monday night. Their packing crates had been picked up by the moving company and their apartment had been emptied out. Ed fixed us burgers on the grill for supper.

Courtney and Matt were busy annoying one another - guess they decided it was the last chance they would have for awhile.

Matt and Sonya got up early Tuesday morning to see Courtney and I off to work. I couldn't even think about the fact that they were actually moving away otherwise I would have been crying all day at work. Their trip out to Colorado was uneventful. They had everything unloaded from their packing crates by Thursday night. Matt started his new job on Friday and said his first day went well. They were busy today trying to get their stuff unpacked.

Mark and Rosie just happened to be in Colorado this weekend, so they are all together with Nicole tonight up at the camp. I'm sure they are having a great time. So jealous that we aren't there with them!

Ed and I went shopping tonight. We came home with six new pillows! We couldn't decide which ones we liked, so thought we'd try them out at home and take back the others. We had planned to go out to eat, but the 75 minute wait turned us off. We opted for breadsticks from Avianos.


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