A Relaxing Sunday

I should have decided to take a photo a day back when all the kids were home and we had places to go and people to see. It's hard to come up with something new and exciting to take a photo of each day when it's usually just Ed and I here maintaining the house and yard. So for the exciting picture of the day I give you - the sprinkler!

It seems kind of strange that after all the rain we had in the spring our grass is so brown now.

In other news:

We had a very thought provoking sermon this morning on forgiveness. I need to digest that a little bit. It was convicting.

It was warm out today, so we relaxed in the hammock with the sprinkler turned on us. Ed started it out full blast, which felt more like being pelted by rain drops. We finally got the sprinkler positioned correctly for a proper misting effect.

I gave Ed a haircut today. He was getting a little shaggy.

I installed new internet security/antivirus software on my laptop today. The Norton product that came with the laptop had expired. The Geek Squad at Best Buy suggested that we use Trend Micro's product. It doesn't take up as much room on the hard drive and runs faster.

I've been playing with some new templates this afternoon. I guess I should share some of them here on my blog soon. Keep checking back. You won't be disappointed.


armychild2008 August 3, 2008 at 8:41:00 PM EDT  

cool picture. it has a very strong emotional quality to it, the energy and movement is very dynamic.

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