A Week in Pictures ( a few words too)

First of all Happy Birthday to my mom. Hope you are having a great day today. While we aren't able to be with her today, we will get to spend a few days with her over the weekend. Love you Mom!

I found these cushions on clearance at Target today. They go in the kitchen, but I'm not sure they are what I want. But they were a good price!

Maybe what bugs me about them is that they are a little too short for the actual seat. Is that how they are supposed to be?
I have been enjoying my flowers this summer. The purple coneflowers are in full bloom now. I love being able to look out the kitchen window and see these. They are planted around the air conditioning units on the back patio. It looks like just a patch of weeds until the flowers bloom. I have black eyed susan's there as well, but they have not bloomed yet. There is a whole lot to my yard that isn't pretty, so I'll just focus on this.

Two out of the three hydrangea bushes have flowers on them now and the third has blooms. The one plant is getting pretty big, so I decided to cut a few blooms and bring them inside. I did find a website that talked about how to dry hydrangeas so I am trying the method where you just leave them in water and let them dry naturally. The silica gel method sounds too complicated. Maybe I'll do that later in the summer. Aren't these beautiful?

I got this book at the library. It was really fun to look through. I am more motivated to take photos around the house and document our everyday life. It is amazing to see all the different ways and places people live in America. There were quite a few photos of families home schooling their children. Since we home schooled for many years, it was interesting to see how their home was set up. I wish I had taken more photos of the kids at home doing school. It was a fun time in our lives. Check this book out if you get a chance.

We were able to go to Matt's last flag football game on Sunday. It was their last for the spring/summer league and probably the last he will play in this area. He is scheduled to take his Physical Therapy boards on July 10th and once he learns that he has passed, he and Sonya will be moving on to his new job. More on that when the details are ironed out. Please keep him in your prayers from now until July 10th. He's finding it hard to study when there are so many other decisions and plans to be made right now. And yes, he did hang on to that ball for a touchdown!

And speaking of our sons, we got an email from Rosie this week letting us know that Mark had gotten a promotion and raise at work. Way to go Mark! We are so proud of how hard he is working at his job and all that he is learning about financial planning. He is planning to take another certification test soon, which will only mean more responsibility with another promotion to follow.

A rare site indeed to see Ed actually sitting still. It was a beautiful day outside so I encouraged him to rest on the hammock for awhile. We both actually took a nap on the hammock. One of the things I miss the most about our house in the country was the two trees we had this hammock hung between. I spent many a Sunday afternoon relaxing on the hammock reading a book.

Greenwood Indiana usually has their fireworks the weekend before the 4th of July. Here are a few shots that turned out ok I thought. (And for those who care these were taken at f2.0, ISO 1600 at 1/200.) We sold the stove we had in our kitchen and replaced it with one that Mom and Dad could no longer use in their new house. This enabled us to get one more thing out of the old garage in the organizational process. Anyway, Ed was behind the stove hooking up the gas lines, etc. and found that he couldn't get out. I thought it was kind of funny, but he wasn't too amused!

That, and work, pretty much sums up our last week. Hopefully I won't get so far behind again in posting.


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