Catching up again!

I need to figure out a way to keep on top of things so I don't go weeks at a time without a post. Today I am in Tucson Arizona staying with my mother in law for a week. It is monsoon season here, so it has been cloudy and a little humid. I don't have a real clear shot of the mountains from here, but the dark clouds were hanging over them this morning for quite a while.

Courtney and I flew in yesterday. I love being above the clouds. They changed so quickly as we sped by. There was just a solid blanket of clouds here. We flew Northwest and just read this morning in the paper that they just layed off 8% of their nationwide employees. Hope we get home next week!

I worked on Monday and Tuesday before we left for Arizona. While I was at work on Monday, Ed was busy finding me a camera lens I have been wanting to get for the last few years. He found a used one for me at our local camera store. Yahoo!! I'm hoping to get some practice with my new lens in this week on Courtney. She doesn't know that yet though.

Monday night Ed and Courtney were busy researching navigation systems. Ed wanted to have one for his short trip this weekend and for our trip to Colorado in August. It should arrive today. Guess Ed and I both got new toys this week.

We were in Illinois over the weekend. Love the screened in porch at mom and dad's. We had our lunch out there on Sunday and sat and visited before heading home. I think mom could have taken a little nap if she could have gotten a little more comfortable.

On Saturday we went to the Kane County Flea Market. There were a lot of buildings filled with dealers. Dad was the only one who walked through the whole thing. Mom and I found some old church pews that the dealer had cut shorter. They were in nice shape and were at a really good price, but we had no way of getting it home. I think a shorter one would fit nicely in our entry way. After we left the flea market we stopped at a garden shop. They had beautiful flowers! I would have loved to take a few plants home with me, but again they would have been hard to transport. They had this water fountain there. Ed and I both really liked it, but we aren't ready to go to the expense of setting it all up right now and were not really sure where it would go in our yard. This picture is actually two fountains together, one had four bowls and one had five bowls.

We didn't go to the fireworks on Friday night since we were leaving for Illinois early in the morning - so this is my contribution to a 4th of July picture. It is a wall quilt I made many years ago. I love the country homespun materials.


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