Challenge to Myself

Several years ago we built this desk top all along one wall of the living room. Ed built in a shelf at the end with a box for each of us to sort our mail in. I found baskets that fit nicely. We have several filing cabinets under the desk top for organizing papers. We covered a large board with linen fabric that matches the color of the walls for a bulletin board. We have some nice comfortable desk chairs. There are several "fun" organizers on the desk top. But we have one big problem. It always looks like this:

(the lovely green carpet is oh so attractive isn't it?)
I would prefer that it was neat and orderly like this:

This picture is from Jessica's blog How About Orange.
So my goal for today is to get the desk top cleaned off and all the papers filed so it looks a little more orderly. Will you hold me accountable to this goal?

I have spent quite a bit of time today cleaning out my computers and external hard drive - a maintenance job that needs to be done now and then to free up more space. I just wish it was as easy to get rid of things in real life - just hit the delete button!


Anonymous July 24, 2008 at 9:42:00 PM EDT  

I think the most important part of this change is the Mac, not the clean desk. Matt

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