Moving in Day

Not a very exciting picture, but a very exciting day for Ed. He has decided that we will park one car in the new garage tonight. All the major work is done. He finished the electrical outlets yesterday so he is sending in his certificate of completion - which means we can use the garage. I told him I thought everything should have its place in the new garage and that we should start out organized. He plans on using this garage to work on the cars, so I think only automotive things should be in here. (we'll see if that is how it really works!) I bought him this new shelf and started moving in automotive supplies. Don't the bottles of oil look so nice lined up neatly on the shelves? He thought the box of car magazines qualified for the "automotive garage." I think it is a much better place for them than in my bedroom!

Ed hung a couple of the new outdoor lights yesterday. Aren't these nice?

My baby girl has been sick today, she was up in the night several times. We went out for dinner last night with Matt and Sonya. Ed, Sonya and Courtney all had the same thing to eat and Ed is feeling fine, so it must not have been the food. She's been pretty light headed when she's up, that seems to be pretty common among my children when they don't feel good. She's supposed to be working tomorrow, but I think she will be laying low for another day or so. I hate it when they are sick and there's nothing I can do about it.

We talked to Nicole yesterday and she is doing much better. She just finished her first week of camp with six 12-14 year old girls in her cabin. They kept them very busy. It gets pretty cold there at night, but she says the days are beautiful. The second week of campers arrived this afternoon. I'm off to pack her a box of warm clothes and cut Ed's hair.


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