A Beautiful Sunday

It was a beautiful day today, a fun, relaxing day. After church this morning we went to see the new Narnia movie. It was good, more war scenes than the first. I need to go read the books again or at least listen to the books on tape that we have of the series so I can understand all that is going on.

After lunch, Ed and I headed up to watch Matt's second game of his double header today. We got there for the last half of the first game. The team didn't show up for the second game, so we didn't get to see much football.
We had time in between Matt's game and Sonya's soccer game, so we stopped by Home Depot and picked up lights for the outside of the garage and house. We are going to change them all so they match. Just a few electrical boxes to put in the new garage and wire the outside lights and we should be finished.

Sonya's game was delayed due to seeing lightning in the sky, but the clouds cleared and she was able to play. She made four of their six points tonight. Go Sonya!!


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