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I recently purchased a new garbage can for my newly re-painted kitchen. The hunter green one did not go with the current color scheme very well. I do think the garbage can looks nice, coordinates well with the charcoal counter tops and red and green walls, but as a garbage can it is worthless! The top of the can is so wide that the normal 13 gallon tall kitchen garbage bags will not fit properly! Therefore the bag is stretched so tight across the top that it only goes about half way down into the can and the next size garbage bag is way too big. I have looked in the store for a bag that would be the proper size and have had no luck finding one. Since this is made in Canada by KIS, maybe they actually have the proper size liter bags there.

So now I have this almost brand new garbage can that frustrates me and my entire family on a daily basis. I actually thought this was a Rubbermaid product, so I guess I will have to look more carefully next time I purchase something.

I think I need to come up with a list of interesting photos to take since I have had two really stupid posts this week! Anyone have any ideas?


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