WooHoo done with 36 hours of work in 3 days!

I'm tired! It's hard on this old body to work so many hours all in a row! I'm hoping my body will let me sleep in tomorrow. Now for a catch up on a few photos. Anyone know what this is?

It's one of my mother's day gifts and I love it. It's my "Ship Shape" butter dish. Nicole got it at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The smoke plum is the knife - pretty convenient isn't it? I'll bet you wish you had one too.

Ed spent the weekend doing all kinds of projects around the house. I came home from work tonight to a totally cleaned out new garage. He put sealant down on the floor today. It needs one more coat on the floor and one more coat of paint on the walls. After that is dry we can start putting in the shelves, etc and begin organizing the garage.

I have some perinneals planted in the back of the house. This is the first flower that has bloomed back there. It is so delicate looking. I don't remember what the name of the flower is. I think this is one a friend from Iowa gave me. Does anyone know what this flower is?

An update from Nicole via Ed: she is about 45 minutes outside of Colorado Springs up into the mountains so she has been freezing at night. She has been busy in training but is very lonely at this point. Please pray that she makes a friend quickly among the camp staff so she has someone to hang out with on her days off. Right now she will be off on Friday and Saturday's except for a couple weeks.

I'm off to bed and a good book.


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