Driveway progress - Photo a Day - Day 148

This contraption is sitting in my soon to be new driveway. They brought this equipment and ground down the end of the driveway on Monday, but couldn't start putting down the first layer because it was wet. That layer is some type of glue that would have not have "stuck" and just washed off with the rain. Today has dawned bright and sunny, cool but sunny, so hopefully today will be the day the driveway is finished! Ed is so excited. He wants me to take a bunch of pictures today as they do the driveway to see how it is done. He was even talking about taking the day off work today so he could watch. Is it just a guy thing? I can remember when the boys were 5 years old and we were driving to Florida. There was a lot of road construction along the way and the boys were fascinated by all the construction equipment. Nicole was 2 years old and her comment was, "that's so messy mommy."


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