Cleaning up around the house.

Ed has most of this holiday weekend to himself at home since I am working all three days and Courtney is working two of them. We came home tonight to find him tending the fire - one of his favorite things to do. He was burning up some wood from trees that we have had to cut down and old wooden pallets that are harboring termites - we definately do not want to be attracting termites into our yard!!

He also painted the ceiling in the garage. It's looking good. He wants to paint the walls and seal the floor so as soon as the driveway is done he will be ready to pull a car or two into that space.

I'm missing a family reunion in Illinois this weekend. They called tonight when I got home from work to say they missed us. Made my night - thanks so much for thinking of us!

Off to bed, early to rise for another busy day at work tomorrow.


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