Nicole is off to Colorado

My big photo opportunity for today was Nicole leaving for Colorado. She is going to be a camp counselor for the summer. But...I hate to say this - I forgot to take a picture before she left! Hopefully she'll take one out there and send it to me so I can post one here. Keep her in your prayers - as she states, " My desire is to have a good connection with each of my girls and be able to know where they are at spiritually. I want to be able to know what to share and how to share with them in order to either help lead them into a relationship with God or draw them closer to their heavenly Father. I want the campers to feel comfortable around me and be able to share what's on their hearts. I want to be able to listen to them and love them and teach them about God and the truth found in His word. I want to live passionately for God and instill a passion and excitement for God in the campers. I want to see lives changed through relationship with Jesus Christ, the one and only Way to God the Father." We are definately going to miss her this summer.


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