The most amazing vacation ever!

Where have I been you ask? On the most amazing vacation ever! Our family (my mom and dad, my husband and I, our two daughters and our two sons and their wives) had the opportunity to vacation in Hilton Head, SC over the last week. It was absolutely perfect weather and very few people around. (I have a feeling the amount of people there this weekend will be quite a few more!!) We rented a villa that was just a hop, skip and a jump from the beach.

This photo is from the beach looking back to the villa - ours is the one in the back. We had a view of the beach/ocean from our windows and porch, complete with a swing. We spent quite a bit of time on the swing enjoying the sunrise, watching the dolphins, etc.

We took turns fixing meals. Quite a bit of variety and each one delicious!

Mark and Rosie brought their bikes with them, and as an unexpected suprise the villa had 6 bikes that we could use. Ed had to grease the chains and do a few minor adjustments and then we were good to go. This was the only time it rained while we were there and it was just a light drizzle.

The villa also had two bogey boards, so the boys tried their hand at it. The waves were not very big, so they weren't very successful, but had fun trying.

We played Catchprase and the Wii. Nicole didn't seem to remember you couldn't actually say the word you were trying to describe.

We played our own version of ultimate frisbee - with a football. We don't have a clue where the football came from, but it worked great on the beach.

This ball was definately caught across the goal line as Mark is pointing out!

We all went to Fuddrucker's one night to celebrate Ed's 50th birthday.

And of course - German Chocolate Cake!

We went down by the lighthouse to sightsee and shop.

I tried my hand at taking some silhouettes. I think they turned out nice.
We saw a "sun dog." I think that is what dad called it. I had never seen anything like it before - a rainbow in the clouds.
We played at the pool and Mark, Nicole and Ed went roller blading one afternoon.
We saw dolphins up close and personal.
We watched the sun rise over the ocean on the last morning, then jumped in the car for the long trip home.

We didn't hit all the tourist traps, just had a great time hanging out together, laughing, crying, talking, celebrating. Can't wait to do it again soon. All of us together took over 900 photos, so this is just a very brief overview of them all. We also had family pictures taken - but that is for another post.


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