Dr. Matthew E. Wittleder

I took pictures on Friday and Saturday, but they didn't turn out that great, so I will just have to post a bunch of Matt's graduation on Sunday to make up for it. What more could you ask for on Mother's Day than to see your son graduate with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy?!! The director of the PT department was a little short to be hooding the guys, even though she was standing on a stool.

I guess there is a debate as to whether they are to call themselves doctors or not, but they were introduced as doctors, and he will always be Dr. Matt to us!

Nicole doing her "Vanna White" pose showing off the hood.

The very proud wife and very happy graduate. I'm so glad these last three years are over for them. Matt wouldn't be where he is today without Sonya's love and support!
The adoring little sisters.

Since I am sitting in a hotel room with an annoyingly slow Internet connection I'll save today's post for another time. Plus I also need to get to bed. We need to get an early start in the morning.


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