Need some motivation

I don't know about you, but when I get out of my routine I sometimes have a hard time getting back at it. Or if I have set a goal for myself and don't meet it by a very small margin, I just want to give up. With my photo a day goal I have missed a day here and there, so last Thursday after work I was not motivated at all to take a photo and since I'd already missed a day or two what difference did it make? That lack of motivation continued through Friday.

On Saturday with 17 people hanging out at my house for dinner, I figured I could at least get one photo taken. Mark and Rosie were here from Florida to run in the Mini-Marathon in downtown Indy along with her brother, sister and future sister-in-law. They had beautiful weather for the race and ran together for most of it. The faster runners in the bunch took off on their own the last few miles. (I need to get a picture from Mark to share here.) Rosie's family came over for dinner Saturday night, so I snapped this shot of Rosie playing with Sophia. I brought out the bubbles again.

Sunday afternoon we went to Matt's flag football game. Afterwards we went out to dinner with several of their friends. Just our family went Dairy Queen for dessert. It was nice to hang out together. With Mark and Rosie in Florida that doesn't happen too often. Mark headed back to Florida early Monday morning.

I came home from work Monday night to the beginning of our new driveway. Finally!! They tore out the old cement apron from in front of the old garage. The grading was done and gravel down for them to pour the cement.

Tuesday night I came home from work and the garage aprons were poured. It's pretty exciting to see that the dream is becoming a reality. The new cement looks so much nicer than the broken apron that was there before. We didn't get any hand or foot prints and the date in it though.

Wednesday night as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I looked out the window and saw the lights on in the garage. It just made me happy to think that soon Ed will be able to spend his time puttering around out there working on a project vehicle at some point, but right now will have the room to do the maintenance that our high mileage cars require and the space to work on projects for the house too.

And last but not least my picture for today. Kind of dumb, but an ongoing debate in our household - Creamy or Crunchy? For me, you might as well not put any peanut butter on if there's not a good crunch to it!!


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