It's Saturday!

Yesterday Ed and I did some yard work in the morning. He cleaned up brush from a willow tree we had to cut down and I transplanted the daylilies that were in front of the garage. I don't know if they will survive being transplanted now, but they wouldn't have survived once they started excavating for the new driveway. It was a gorgeous day to be working outside.

In the afternoon we headed up to IWU to get a vanload of Courtney's stuff. She had most of it all ready to go when we got there. We brought a few boxes with us, so I finished packing while Ed and Courtney loaded the van. We took her bed off cinder blocks and rearranged the room, took the blocks back to Lowe's and went out for dinner. We went to a pizza place none of us had been to before. It was good. Courtney drove us by the dorm she would be in next year, we loaded a few more things into the van and headed to Ivanhoe's for a snack before heading home. It's quite the happening place!

Since the van is full of Courtney's stuff we needed a place to put it for the summer. My project today was cleaning out the guest bedroom closet. That closet gets anything thrown in to it that we don't know what to do with. It now is neat and organized and ready to store Courtney's things. Nicole has been organizing her room today too. It's looking good!

Ed has spent the day outside. We had another tree that needed to be cut down and he planted a 3 ft. white oak tree today. He also cut down a bush that was way too big in the front of our house. He has down that with a few other of our bushes and they have grown back just fine. We shall see. It's been a very productive weekend. Feels nice to get some of these things done.

Yeah! Just saw that the Spurs won Game 1.Go SPURS!!


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