Day 108

I'm a little behind on posting, seems like the story of my life lately. I worked Monday and Tuesday. Monday night I tried to take a good picture of the beautiful sunset I saw coming home from work, but we have too many trees in the way in our neighborhood. I didn't have time to drive somewhere before the sun went down, so you will just have to imagine what that picture would have looked like. I usually carry my camera with me whenever I go out, but don't take it to work. I don't want it sitting in the car all day. Tuesday was incredibly busy and I got home late, so no inspiration for pictures that day.

These are just a couple pictures from a little tree in our back yard. I had not even noticed that the tree had bloomed until I saw it reflected in the bathroom window this morning as I was getting ready for a meeting at work. I have just a few hours then off to another meeting at work tonight - from 7pm-1am!! It's our quarterly mandatory nursing meeting and this was the only time I could do it.

Yesterday after spending several hours getting ready for today's meeting, I went for a drive. It was a beautiful day outside. I stopped by a small greenhouse downtown. I had never stopped there before so wanted to see what they had. I'll probably go back when I'm ready to do some outside yardwork. I drove through Garfield Park to see if any flowers were in bloom yet. There were a few, but will definately be prettier in a few weeks. I took this photo there.

There were alot of people out and about in the park. So nice to see everyone out enjoying the beautiful day.


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