Happy Thursday!

For my watercolor print I may just go with this single flower. This would look nice and bright on my green wall in the kitchen

It's a grey, cold day outside today. A good day to get some things done inside though. Just plugging away trying to get some pictures in order, doing laundry and getting some cleaning done.

I picked up this ivy yesterday as I was out looking for flowers. I had a pot that needed to be filled. Hopefully I will be able to keep it growing strong.

Courtney's computer came back today with a new hard drive. Hopefully she won't have any more problems with it.

Matt and Sonya head out to Colorado tonight for more job interviews. They are going to three different places while they are out there this weekend. Please keep them in your prayers. They have so many big decisions to make. Sonya emailed me yesterday to report on their trip to Pennsylvania. Seems as if the recruiter is wanting Matt to head that way. They were able to stop for a short visit with her parents and nephew. He told his grandma that he couldn't take a nap on Saturday afternoon because "Matt comin soon!" Aww, so cute!


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