Good News and Bad News

Since I post in reverse order you get the good news first!

I asked a question of the lab that I have print my portraits and since they weren't sure of the answer they decided to give me a freebie to try it out. So I need to decide on a picture to have printed on watercolor paper. I have been wanting a flower picture for in my kitchen for awhile and just didn't have the right one. Today I decided to run out and get some flowers so I could take more pictures. I had to go to five stores, including two flower shops, to find some flowers that weren't all wilted. The ones I got still had a few with bad spots but for the most part were nice. These two pictures are being considered, which do you like?

The next bit of good news is that I came home from work last night to find this cute little truck sitting in my driveway. Ed was getting an estimate on the driveway and this man's quote was lower than a quote he had gotten a few years ago. Sounds like he will be grinding off a few inches at the bottom of our drive as well so we won't bottom out each time we head out. Ed is pretty excited that the driveway will soon be started, then he can use his new garage!

Now the bad news. I had noticed a few spots on the wall in our little bathroom by the garage. I thought someone had splashed something on there. Well, on Sunday night I rubbed on them to see if I could get them off and the spots became holes. Long story short, we have more termite damage! There were termites in this house before we bought it and it had been treated. Last year we had some swarming termites, then damage in the laundry room. The exterminator put down some treatment before the cement was poured in the new garage and said we would have to wait until all the ground disturbance was done with the garage addition to finish the treatment. Guess we need to get the garage done so we can stop the termites before they eat our whole house!!


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