The girls and I went to Illinois over the weekend to a retreat with my mom's church. Rosie, her mom and two of her sisters also joined us. It was a beautiful weekend and very thought provoking. I need to process through some of what was said before I comment on it here. When the retreat was over Courtney, Nicole and I went for dinner with Rosie's family. We happened upon Hank's Farm Restaurant It was packed so that was a good sign. It was a unique place. The food was very good. If you are ever in the area, give it a try. We had a great time catching up over dinner. The girls and I got home around 1:30 this morning. We slept in this morning, Ed fixed us a very tasty lunch on the grill and we are just hanging out enjoying the beautiful spring day. Courtney will head back to school soon. I can't believe she only has 2 1/2 weeks left of school for this year!

A sure sign of spring - screen doors open and studying out in the sunshine!

I had my camera with me over the weekend, but hardly took it out of the bag. I was thinking on the drive home last night of all the pictures I should have taken and didn't. Nicole was so excited when she saw this hamburger on the playground. She quickly found out that she was too big to play on this type of equipment now!

Big news for other members of my family this weekend. Mark took another test for his financial planning career on Saturday and passed with flying colors!! So very happy for you and proud of you Mark.

Matt and Sonya were in Pennsylvania this weekend on a job interview for Matt. So many decisions for them to make. So many great opportunities await them. I can't wait to see where God leads them, but will be very sad to see them move away if that is the plan!


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