Behind again!

I have been able to keep up with taking pictures everyday (for the most part) but have not been as successful at posting them every day. So here's another catch up post.

As I was driving by my neighbor's house the other day I saw these cute little flowers. Makes me happy knowing the warmer weather is just around the corner. I think I should plant some bulbs this year, so I can have some color in my yard next spring. We really need to do a lot of landscaping this year, but know that is an expensive project as well. I need to come up with a master plan and then just do a little at a time I guess.

I came home from work on Sunday night to find the back seat from Nicole's car in my living room. Somewhere there is a leak in her trunk. With all the rain we have been getting a few inches accumulated in her trunk and soaked into her back seat. It's just one more thing to contend with when you have older cars to maintain. I'm so thankful that my husband can fix most of our issues and I know he gets tired of having something always going wrong with one of the cars. His goal is to be able to maintain the cars we have until the girls are out of college. Once that expense is over with he'll be out car shopping! (Actually he's always out car shopping, but at that point he'll be looking for something a little newer with less miles.)

I had taken a picture of Ed's infected toe for today, but he didn't think anyone would want to see that. Why a picture of 6 remote controls? Ed's 2006 Christmas gift from Mark and Rosie was a universal remote control but for some reason we still have not been able to figure it out. We have all Sony electronics, so that should be easy. I just think that Ed doesn't sit still long enough to get the remote programmed, so for now we continue to use all these remotes.

And for the record we had a nice relaxing weekend at work. Seems like the flu bug has slowed down and it's the beginning of spring break here for the school system.
Also Ed's infected toe is healing nicely.


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