Day 88

Finished my book this morning, did the laundry, organized some files on the computer and worked on organizing some pictures - a good overall day. We sold our old kitchen table today, which was nice to get it out of the way. Ed and I went to a movie this afternoon. We went to see "The Bucket List." It was ok, not as good as I had hoped it would be. Glad we just paid matinee prices for it. We picked up supper at a Chinese restaurant close by the theatre and came home to enjoy it. There was a place in the mall in Ft. Dodge, IA that had really good pork fried rice. We hadn't found anything as good since moving here until now. We have plenty of left overs so I'll be able to take some to work for lunch tomorrow. This has been my long stretch off of work, so I'm not looking forward to going in tomorrow. The weekends are usually a little less hectic, so it should be a good day.


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