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The days of the Mary Engelbreit decor are over. Nicole has been plotting and planning and weeding out her plethora of stuff. She is on her spring break this week and has been working on repainting her room. She is an artist you know, and can see things we with the untrained eye cannot. I really don't care what color she paints her room, she has to live with it, but Ed is a different story. He is not too thrilled with the dark, bold colors we have chosen lately, but is being a good sport and going along with it.

Ed has decided it's ok for her to paint her closet doors, so those have been primed. She is working on the walls now and freely admits that the color she is painting is a little "nasty" but she loves it! I liked the color chip and the coordinating colors she has chosen. I can't wait to see what it looks like all done.

I don't have much energy today, so I've been trying to weed through piles of mail, do a little reading for an upcoming meeting at work, reading through a photoshop magazine and getting inspired to play in photoshop, working on a project for Matt and Sonya, and maybe even responding to some unanswered emails. Ed and I have a study at church tonight to attend, then hopefully early to bed.


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