Day 61

I am not typically a spring cleaner. Remember, I don't like to clean. This year is different. I am so ready to purge, get everything in order, change colors, get rid of junk. Maybe it's my bright, cheery kitchen. Maybe it's the new garage. Maybe it's my daughter-in-laws that don't have a lot of junk laying around. Maybe I'm frustrated because I can't decide what I want on the walls in the kitchen so I need a distraction. Whatever it is, I'm in the mood. Today I have been cleaning out the cupboards in the kitchen and laundry room. Now my garbage can is full and the dining room table has a pile of stuff to get rid of. Usually I just take stuff to Goodwill, but I may even have a garage sale this year. We certainly have the space in the garage to set things out!

I got these votive holders and candles at Pottery Barn yesterday. They are the perfect colors for my kitchen don't you think?

We heard back from our accountant today and our taxes are done. We thought we would have to pay, but instead are getting a small amount back. I do believe it is thanks to my business not making any money that we are getting this back, so it is only fair that my business gets to spend the money right? Plus I have worked a few extra days lately and just signed up for one more next week which will add some extra cash to the pot. I have the go ahead from my husband, so I am looking at some new equipment. I'm not sure yet what that will be but the process will be fun.

Happy first day of March - it's almost spring!


mmncgrand March 4, 2008 at 10:23:00 AM EST  

Hi Deb, The picture for this day did not come through. I clicked on the square but it still didn't come???

mmncgrand March 5, 2008 at 6:39:00 AM EST  

I got the picture this time. Those votives are beautiful and I agree perfect for your kitchen. I am anxious to see your new kitchen.

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