Things that make me happy

1) The sun is shining and it's warmer outside!
2) I am on the second box of pictures from my mom. I had taken an online class at Big Picture Scrapbooking a few years ago on photo organization and scrapbooking. Stacy has a great system and it would make scrapbooking so much easier if you had this system in place. So, the class is set to start again this week, and all alumni can participate free of charge. So what better incentive to finally complete this process. I found this file drawer at an antique store the other day that will work perfect for some photo organization. I am planning on painting it so it looks a little nicer. I have pictures in old photo albums, and multiple photo boxes, so my current goal is to get them all in photo boxes in order before the class starts.

3) The crown molding is up and painted in the kitchen. I think it really pulls the room together.

4) My kitchen is clean again. All the tools, ladders, etc are out and all the counters are cleaned off. Now to find something to really clean my floors with and I would be very happy! Anyone have any suggestions?
5) I am not as tired today,or achy, so I don't think I am getting the flu.
6) I have kept up with taking a picture just about every day. It will be fun to look back at the end of this year and I may even make some kind of scrapbook from these pictures.
7) Ed is going to get pizza for supper tonight so I won't have to cook.


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