Day 30

Anyone know where this is? I stopped here on my way home tonight and was pleasantly suprised to find that they were having a sale starting tomorrow. They were kind enough to a) inform me that there was a sale starting tomorrow so that I didn't pay full price today and b)to package up what I wanted and will have it waiting for me to pick up tomorrow and get the sale price. Can't wait to go pick it up and come home and play. I'm trying to get a few "car" projects ready so I have things to do on our drive down to Florida next week.

I met a friend and 4 of her children in Nashville, IN today for lunch. That town is definately dead in the winter and only a few shops were even open. In the fall throngs of people flock there to see the beautiful colors and visit the shops and galleries. There is a nice state park and Inn there as well but it was way too cold today to visit the park. It still is a pretty drive down there even with the bare trees.


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