Just a couple things to share today: If you live in the Indianapolis area, Devour Indy starts next week! It's a great time to check out some expensive and unique restaurants for a lot less money. Check out the list of restaurants participating this year here. (I'm sure Nana and Papa would be available to babysit one night!)

I tried to take a picture a day a few years ago and failed miserably! It was fun while it lasted, and I wish that I could actually do it. A few days before the new year I found an app for my iPhone that is just for that. There are quite a few apps available for this purpose, but this one was free so I thought I'd start with it. Just follow this link to Project 365. There is a pro version to, but I haven't really looked in to that. So far I have taken a picture each day for one week!

Another project I started a few weeks ago was OhLife. I receive an email each day around 8 pm that simply asks, "how was your day today?" All I have to do is reply to the email and it saves the information for you. Each day in the email you also receive a reminder of something you wrote previously. It's kind of fun to see how things have changed in just one week or be reminded of what happened. I think it's my 50 year old brain, but I often don't even remember that the event occurred on that day. The reminder is nice at the end of the day and it just takes a few minutes to jot down how the day went.

Off to work on some pictures today. Hope you are having a great start to the new year!


Matt and Sonya February 1, 2012 at 12:30:00 PM EST  

Looks great! Lots of seating and room to be together! Nathan is going to LOVE that tool bench. He had rough night last night...we think food poisoning. Seems to be better now, keeping his food down and jumping and spinning around :) Hoping to bring him out healthy!

Matt and Sonya February 1, 2012 at 10:57:00 PM EST  

Ah ha! There's my comment...on the wrong post :) Oops! Oh well.

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