Congratulations Mark!

Mark received word yesterday that he had passed an exam that he had taken a few months ago, so he is now officially a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER!!


We are so very proud of him and his endurance and committment to accomplish this task. He has taken classes over the last year, then a weekend long class to prepare him for this test as well as countless hours of study. He told us yesterday that the pass rate for this test is 50%.

We, of course, knew that he would ace this exam! Let me demonstrate this for you visually. We were playing credit card Monopoly while on vacation. Notice the smile plastered on his face as he deposited money into his account. I think he was assuring us that he was managing our money just fine.


His indepth analysis of the situation prior to giving Nicole advice.


And his complete control of the situation.


All those red high rises are his hotels on his property! We ended the game with him owning all the properties on the board.

All kidding aside, we are very proud of him and how hard he worked for this certification. I know he couldn't have done it without Rosie's encouragement and support. She even had a suprise party all ready to go for him last night. She found out he had passed on our way home from Kentucky yesterday and kept it quiet until we arrived at Emily's house. Mark didn't believe it at first. He actually called their friend in Florida, who had picked up their mail while they were gone, to be sure. She told him, "I read it through three times because I knew this was really important and it definately says, 'congratulations, you passed.'"

Congratulations Mark A. Wittleder CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER


Matt and Sonya May 15, 2010 at 4:51:00 PM EDT  

CONGRATS MARK!!! I had no idea...I will be sure to let Matt know! How awesome!

marcuswitt May 17, 2010 at 8:58:00 AM EDT  

Thanks mom! I appreciate the support and all the nice things you had to say. I also appreciate the pics from the monopoly game! You are absolutely correct that I couldn't have done it without Rosie's support and encouragement. That goes for the rest of you as well. I could sense on test day that I had many people praying for me and I wasn't in there taking the test alone.

RosebudWitt May 17, 2010 at 4:22:00 PM EDT  

What a nice post! you are such a great mom, to encourage Mark the way you do. Thank you for supporting us during the past year as Mark worked towards this goal. As Mark said, it was so awesome to see how people came around him and supported him. It was so awesome to see that support and encouragement change Mark and his perspective right before my very eyes.

Thanks for your kind words, Mark. I have a feeling I will be going through another round of this support and encouragement stuff with you and work/academics. An MBA Mark? Really? Let's take a breather, please.

mmncgrand May 18, 2010 at 9:52:00 AM EDT  

What a good post. A great time was had by all, right? And again, congratulations to you Mark and Rosie. You did it together.

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