Empty Nest Night

While Ed and I aren't official Empty Nesters, we do have glimpses of it now and then. Monday night Courtney was back at IWU, Nicole was in school and Nealy is on vacation with her family. All was quiet around here, so we had time to just talk, eat supper and play a new game.


Matt and Sonya had this game on their Christmas list a year ago. I couldn't find it then. I had a coupon for Borders as well as some "Border's Bucks" that needed to be used. We all went to Borders Friday night to see if anyone could find a book they wanted. Amazingly, no one found anything they just had to have in the whole store! Just before we left, I saw the game. I didn't get it then, but we went back to pick it up Saturday night after work when I realized it would be half off! It doesn't seem to be a complicated game at the outset, but you do have to concentrate. It's a "brain building" game, which Ed and I are needing at this point in our lives! There is also an online version of this game as well, which is fun. You can try it here. Be careful though, it's addicting.

I finished my January 2010 Roundup yesterday and backed up my pictures while working on getting them all organized in one place. I cleaned off my laptop too - got rid of all the duplicate documents/pictures, etc. Hopefully it will run faster now. It felt good to get that done, even though it doesn't look like I did anything yesterday!

I also was able to register for a online photography workshop yesterday that I have been trying to get into for a few years. Karen has been offering this class for awhile and has had a waiting list since she started. This time the class had a wait list of over 1400 people. Registration is first come first serve, so it's not easy to get in. Surprisingly I was able to register on the first try last night. I can't wait to start it, but my class doesn't start until June :( Still so very excited!


Matt and Sonya February 2, 2010 at 10:09:00 AM EST  

You got Blokus! How fun. I agree...it is a brain straining game. All about strategy. And unfortunately, you don't really know what your strategy should be until you play it a few times. We have only actually played it twice ourselves...with a couple out here in the Springs. We will have to play it with you and Dad next time you are out.

Anonymous February 4, 2010 at 9:18:00 AM EST  

I've never heard of this game. It looks complicated, we probably would have a h ard time with it. We played games last night, our TV is out, and of course Dad won.

Matt February 6, 2010 at 5:07:00 PM EST  

The first time I played online I beat all the computer opponents! So I quit after that.

Deb February 6, 2010 at 6:01:00 PM EST  

Matt, remind me to never play this game with you! I just went back online to check the site after we got the game and it is different now. Maybe there is a harder one you can try now.

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