Soup for Dinner

I got a new cookbook yesterday so was inspired to try something new for supper tonight. Ed wasn't home for supper, so we could have soup. Mom likes soup. Ed however, is not a big fan of soup. It was a rainy day today, so the perfect day for soup.

chicken enchilada soup

Chicken Enchilada Soup from The Farm Chicks cookbook. It was pretty tasty. A little on the spicey side. I didn't even add the jalepeno pepper or all of the chili powder! We added a little cheese and Nicole added tortilla chips to hers. Nicole made some cucumber appetizers from the cookbook last night. Our neighbor has been sharing his cucumbers with us, so it was fun to find another way to enjoy them.

I have found this great quilting blog! I love this lady's style. I have spent hours enjoying all the quilts she has made and am inspired to do some more quilting myself. Check it out at Film in the Fridge. She has a few tutorials also.


Nicole July 31, 2009 at 12:12:00 PM EDT  

I like that lady's style too! The random strips and patches are a very nice touch.

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