More Pillows!!

Ed came home from work last night and asked me how many pillows I was planning on making. I actually made 6 pillows yesterday. I think I'm done making them for now, I'm running out of big pieces of fabric. I bought a couple of solid brown pillows today to tone down the multiple fabrics a little.
This is my favorite pillow from yesterday. It's actually made out of a kitchen towel that I got at Target. I think it's the buttons that I like.

I picked up these strawberries today at Sam's. They look so plump and delicious. Actually they were pretty good, but the pineapple was much sweeter.

If you've never tried the ribs at Sam's, you should. They have some that are already cooked with barbecue sauce on them in the area with the rotisserie chickens. Very easy dinner and cheaper than going out for ribs.


RosebudWitt March 26, 2009 at 7:56:00 PM EDT  

Great work on the pillows. And those strawberries look so good. We actually had some strawberries 2 times this week for our lunches. And that picture is reminding me how tasty they were.

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