A few Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter is celebrated by most as a time for easter egg hunts and the easter bunny. For me, Easter is one of the most important holidays. It celebrates Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross and three days later rising from the dead! The very basis of my faith. So I was excited to see these easter decorations. These would be pretty hanging on a tree branch. You can see how to make them here. I love the soft pastel colors she choose.

I really like the reminder that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Easter. Jeanne used natural dyes and letter stickers. Her instructions are here.

Further down on her site is this piece of furniture. I never thought of putting a verse on furniture. Great idea.


mmncgrand March 19, 2009 at 9:42:00 PM EDT  

Beautiful ideas. Makes me think of Spring. It will be here tomorrow.

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