Randomness and Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all! Fondue is our tradition for the new year. Doesn't this look inviting?

We took all the candles off the table after the picture. Fondue isn't conducive to having candles randomly spaced on your table - too much getting up and down and reaching over things. Courtney invited a few friends over for our little celebration. Nicole and Courtney did all the preparations for the fondue which was wonderful!! Courtney and I had to work bright and early New Years day, so our celebration was early and we all headed to be around 10 pm.

Now to the random. I picked up Junk Beautiful awhile back and when I saw this picture I knew I wanted to use this idea.

I have this worktable that was my dad's. Ed had it in the garage loaded down with stuff. He hasn't used it much as a worktable, so when I asked him if I could have it, he readily agreed. He brought it in the house for me last night.

It was a little on the dirty side, with lots of paint and scratches on it. With some elbow grease, some sanding and a few coats of lemon oil, I now have a worktable to use in my scrapbooking area. I have a white plastic table in there now that is certainly more practical, but this table has so much more character. I'll show you just how great it looks after I get it all set up. I'm pretty excited about this addition to my area!

If you like this sort of decorating style, check out this site.

A guy stopped by today who had done some stump removal for us in the past and offered to grind up the stumps in our front yard for a very reasonable price. Ed also mentioned to me that he had offered to cut down one of our other dying trees and grind up that stump as well. I quickly encouraged Ed to have that done as well. So completely unplanned for today, but great to have done nevertheless. Now Ed has another big project of clearing away the wood in the front yard. It will be great fire wood though.

He removed one other stump that is not pictured here as well.

Nicole got a Buzzy Tree for Christmas. She describes it on her blog here. Anyway, I found this sitting on my dining room table the other day. Anyone need some dirt?

Enough rambling for today. Hope you are all having a great new year!


RosebudWitt January 3, 2009 at 1:29:00 PM EST  

I love your post Momma Witt. It was quite entertaining and funny. And I love that table! And can't wait to see it in person sometime. Have a great weekend! Love you.

Nicole January 3, 2009 at 5:40:00 PM EST  

That is not just dirt, it is Success Soil!

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