Day trip to Bloomington

I'm trying to find some material to make chair cushions for the kitchen. I have found some on the internet that I love, but I just don't know if they are the right color green. I decided to take a trip to Bloomington, Indiana one day last week to check out a quilt shop. Unfortunately they didn't have the material I was looking for. But it was not a wasted trip. It was a beautiful fall day, so I stopped by a small apple orchard and by Oliver Winery. It was beautifully landscaped around the winery. There is a nice pond and lots of areas to sit and relax.

Here are a few pictures of the flowers around the winery. A Dahlia.

Some kind of sunflower I would think although I have never seen one with petals like this!

I think this is another dahlia.
Aren't these beautiful?


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