Summer is here!

It's warm, windy and mostly sunny today. I'm sure we can use the wind and the sun to dry up all the excess moisture around our state. We have had a lot of storms and tornadoes touching down close to here in the last week. I'll take the sun!!

I mowed our lawn today. It looked like it hadn't been mowed in weeks and the truth is that it had been less than one week. We have a lot of little trees growing in our yard due to all those little "helicopters" that some tree in our yard mass produces and deposits everywhere this time of year.

I'm also working on some "save the date" cards - so fun! I get going on those and just don't know when to stop.

I actually got pictures printed - a bunch from our trip to Hilton Head. I'm planning on starting that tonight while I wait up for Ed to get home tonight from his business trip.


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