My canvas has arrived!

I have wanted a canvas to use as a display sample for clients for quite some time now but I could never decide on a portrait to have printed on that canvas. So one of the main reasons I wanted to have family pictures taken when we were in Hilton Head was so that I could get a family portrait printed on a canvas. Maureen Snyder did a great job on our portraits and today my canvas arrived. I am so excited!! As a sample, this canvas does not display my work, but displays the quality of the product, which I might add is superb. Eventually I'll find a portrait that I have taken and add to my canvas samples.

This beautiful portrait is of our children, our own and our two wonderful additions.

(The duck is from the canvas company. They send a different one with each order. Someday I hope to have a whole collection of the ducks that my future grandchildren will get to play with.)


mmncgrand June 25, 2008 at 10:56:00 AM EDT  

VERY NICE!! What a great addition to your home. Where do you have it? Mom

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