It's Friday!

Another beautiful day! I don't know what this perennial is called. I planted it last year and it has just taken off! It's probably 4 times the original size. These pretty little flowers are all over it along with the green stringy leaves. It doesn't grow very tall - perfect for the front of the flower bed. I may try splitting it this fall or early next spring.

I went back to the YMCA today with Courtney. Guess it's been a long time since I have been in - my "membership" on Fitlinxx was expired. I like that I can keep track of the cardiovascular exercises that I am doing as well and all the settings for the weight machines are programmed in there. I don't like putting out the effort if I can't record it, so this is a big motivation for me. Now that I have been reactivated I better keep at it.

Ed came home yesterday from a week in Chicago and brought with him some Lou Malnati's pizza for supper. It was so very good!! Most people will tell you that Gino's East is the best deep dish "Chicago pizza" but they are very wrong. If you've never had this pizza and are in the Chicago area you've got to give it a try. The sausage is the best.


mmncgrand June 21, 2008 at 4:24:00 PM EDT  

I was just thinking yesterday that Ed would probably bring home Pizza. How fun!!

Where are these flowers in your yard? They are beautiful. I would like to get some like that if you can find out what they are. Mom

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