First Day of Summer

In honor of the first day of summer I give to you yet another flower! My first Purple Cone flower bloomed today. There are a lot more buds just waiting to burst open - can't wait to see them all.

Courtney and I had a good day at work today. She got to go home a little early. While we were at work, Ed was busy at home in the yard. He trimmed a bunch of bushes in the front that were way to big, trimmed the lower branches of the trees so we could mow underneath them and mowed the sod we laid down a few weeks ago.

The sod we planted last week is doing good here behind the garage, while the pieces that are lining the driveway are a little brown - not for lack of watering though. With the sod growing around the garage it makes it look more like the garage has been there forever. We need to do some landscaping between the garages still for the project to be totally complete.

Courtney just brought me a orange sherbet and 7Up float. I've never had it before, but it's quite tasty and refreshing. I'm enjoying my snack, then off to bed.


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