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We've been busy around here the last few days. On Friday, Ed and Courtney went and picked up a van load of sod to put down at the end of the garage and along the driveway. Just before they got home with the sod it began to rain. It continued to pour with thunder and lightening for quite some time, so they had no other choice but to put it down in the rain. I eventually went out to help them, but didn't end up getting near as dirty as they did. Nicole - you would have loved to play in the mud with them.

After we were done with the sod, Ed and I headed up to South Bend. We definately had some storms along the way, but the rest of the few days there were beautiful. We went to visit my cousin and his wife. Ed wanted to visit some dealers who sold salvaged vehicles. He had been checking out their websites and wanted to see if any of their cars looked promising for a project vehicle. We're not quite ready for a car in the garage yet, but it doesn't hurt to look, right? Carrie and I went to garage sales, antique stores and looked at Lowe's for paint colors. Carrie wants to repaint a few rooms, so we were planning and dreaming a little. Carrie and Dennis work at Life Action Ministries , Carrie with Revive Our Hearts and Dennis on the grounds and maintenance at the ministry. One of their ministries is a Family Camp. Dennis is helping to build a new cabin now, so we went to look at it. It is beautiful! It is supposed to be done in August some time. Those who have the opportunity to stay there will definately enjoy it! I have never been to Family Camp, but several of my extended family have and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would encourage those with young children to check in to it, though Dennis says that all ages come to camp - grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.

On our way home Saturday night we saw this sunset - absolutely gorgeous!!

We got home around midnight Saturday with plans for an early start Sunday morning. It was Father's Day and Sonya and her dad's birthday. We were invited to go along with Sonya and Matt to meet her mom and dad in Ohio, halfway for both parties, so they could spend some time together on their birthday and so the dads could be with their children on Father's Day. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Olive Garden, then hung out together at an outlet mall. But, I can't believe I didn't take a picture! Not of the birthday girl or the fathers. I was playing with settings on my camera on the way home and took this one of Matt while he was studying. As soon as his boards are over he won't have to be doing this anymore.
Today while I was out watering the sod, I stopped to take a picture of some of the flowers and caught a bee in action.


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