Playing Catch-up again!

On Thursday we headed downtown again to go the the City Market. We decided to go earlier in the day hoping parking would be easier to find, and it was. It's not a very large market, so it didn't take too long to wander through. I did pick up some caramels from Abbott's Candy Store. We have had these given to us at the hospital by patient's families and they are delicious. I thought my dad and my husband would enjoy them. We also sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, flowers and some coffee and pastries. I can't wait until the farmer's market opens outside in May. The girls and I will have to head downtown this summer to check out the fresh produce and goodies.

Do you remember how fun it was to blow bubbles? We had some friends visiting of Friday afternoon, so I brought out a big jug of bubbles. The kids enjoyed them and I had fun taking pictures.

I worked today at the hospital - had a nice day today. We sent a bunch of patients home this afternoon, which made them very happy. The best thing about today was that I got home while it was still nice and sunny. Isn't this the most beautiful tree? It is in my neighbor's side yard. I just love to see it so full of white blossoms in the springtime. They just don't last long enough though!


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