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I just got this from my lab last week. It is a portrait on watercolor paper, mounted as a standout. It is very lightweight, so one doesn't have to have heavy mounting supports to hang it up. It "standsout" about an inch from the wall. This would be an option for a portrait that you didn't want to frame and would be a little more economical than a gallery wrapped canvas. Right now this option comes in a limited number of sizes, but I'm sure they will add to this as the need arises. Just this week they introduced a beveled edge for the standouts which I think would look really nice!

This is the picture I decided to have done instead of flowers. It's a good sample for me to be able to show to clients and now that I know that I like it, I will probably have some flower pictures done for the kitchen. I just haven't found the right picture yet.

I read this story on another blog today and wanted to share it with you.

I got my kits yesterday and they are great! I love your stuff and have a hard time finding it around here.
I especially loved the M&Ms and have to tell you a funny story about them. In church on Wednesday night we talked about being generous and how if you are generous it comes back to you 10 fold. They showed a video of a man sitting on a bus and he had 2 bags of M&Ms. He gave a bag to a little girl sitting across the aisle. when he opened his remaining bag, they spilled all over the floor and he was really bummed. The video showed him throughout the rest of the day. He paid a parking toll and the gate keeper gave him a bag of M&Ms with his receipt. He went to the bank and got a bag of M&Ms with his deposit slip. He walked by an M&M vending machine and turned the knob and the machine spilled out all of the M&Ms.
When we left church that night our pastor gave us all a bag of M&Ms and told us we could eat them or we could be generous and give them away. Thursday I gave my bag away and when I got home there was my package from you with a bag of M&Ms!!! Coincidence???
Thanks again!

Such a "God thing." Have you had any of those in your life lately?


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