Days 75 and 76

Day 75

I can't even believe I am posting a picture of this ugly chair! I'm experiencing a serious lack of creativity, so I guess I just picked an object with a story. This is the rocking chair we bought 25 years ago when we found out we were expecting twins. We looked all around and tried out many chairs, but we knew we would need one that fit two babies comfortably. This chair definately fit the bill, and when we purchased it the color coordinated nicely with the earth tone decorating scheme that was all the rage back then. Funny how it is back in style again - the color scheme, not the chair! We practically lived in this chair when the kids were little, many times with all 4 of them piled on my lap to read a book. Every time I convince Ed that we can throw away the chair the kids have a fit. Somehow it was decided that the first person to get married could have the chair, but for some strange reason it never made it on the moving truck after Mark got married. It creaks and groans a lot and is missing most of it's buttons but suprisingly enough it is still fairly comfortable and it's still the favorite chair to kick back in and read a book or take a nap. I'm not sure it will ever make it to the curb for the garbage men.

Day 76

Just had to share this picture of Nicole. At a cursory glance she's all set up at the kitchen table to do her Bible study. But there is so much more to this picture. She is wearing a sweatshirt she was given at the Salvation Army the other day. She was looking for old seaters to make a laptop cover out of and fell in love with this one because it was sooo soft! I think she has worn it everyday since so I don't think it is going to become a laptop cover. She also has a pot of tea fixed to sip on in her new cup with a saucer and lid. She picked that up yesterday at an oriental store that is going out of business. And she is snacking on some home made chocolate pudding a friend sent home with her yesterday.

The redecorating project on Nicole's room has been frustrating. The paint was not covering the walls even after 3 coats. Ed and Nicole took the can back to the store and they said something was wrong with the paint. She has primed the walls now and will have to wait until tomorrow to repaint. They did give her a gallon of a better paint so hopefully that one will work.


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