Day 67 - MisMatched socks

Nicole, our artistic one, has a sock fettish. When she was a little girl she had a drawer full of cute, colored socks. Then suddenly she went through a phase, no colored socks, only white. This phase lasted a long time and then came the toe sock phase - all colors, stripes, even with bells on them.

There is a website little miss matched that has the cutest socks! They intentionally are mismatched - stripes, dots, fun colors, etc. They sell in sets of three so you can mix and match the socks. Well, Nicole has decided to wear mismatched socks chosen from her own sock drawer. She likes the idea but didn't want to buy new ones, so she just wears whatever socks she wants and they don't match at all!! She is an original!


mmncgrand March 9, 2008 at 9:24:00 AM EDT  

She certainly is an original and oh, how I love her. I also love your website. It gives me my lift for the day. Mom

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