Tax time

Day 44 - it's tax time! My husband is working on our home taxes, so I am trying to get my business paperwork all in order. I purchased a program from a fellow photographer, so I think the info should be all there and in good order for the accountant. This is all new to me, so hopefully she'll be impressed. (notice that I have all the essentials for getting down to work - caffeine, sugar, pencils, pens, spreadsheets, external hard drive,etc)

On another note, I got a really neat program at the photography convention for making slideshows and syncing it to music automatically. I hardly takes any time at all. So, I have a slideshow all ready to go, but I apparently need an FTP site to upload the slideshow to the internet. I haven't gotten that figured out yet and it's driving me crazy! I downloaded an FTP program, but can't get it to upload my slideshow. Anyone care to help? I also took some time today to clean up and organize some of my files on my computer that I have been needing to do for some time. Now I just need to get busy and clean up and organize my house!


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